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Elysium IOD Transfer 12×16 Pad


Elysium IOD Transfer 12×16 Pad

Sent out as Eight sheets 12″ X 16″




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Elysium IOD Transfer 12×16 Pad

– In FULL COLOUR Sent out as eight sheets 12″ X 16″

IOD’s Vintage Decor Transfers are intricately designed transfers for crafting projects.

For best results

  • Keep your transfer with its backing sheet until you are ready to apply.
  • Do not allow the adhesive side of transfer to touch anything prior to application.
  • Start with a clean, dry, matte surface.
  • If the surface is painted, make sure it’s well cured.
  • If the surface has been sanded,  make certain there is no residual dust.
  • Carefully remove the transfer from its backing.
  • Slowly and carefully transfer it onto your prepared surface, and ensure it’s in position before the transfer touches the surface.
  • Use small pieces of low tack tape to hold it in place.
  • Using the tool provided, start at one end of the transfer and rub firmly so the transfer sticks onto the surface. Do this until the entire image is transferred.
  • If any part of the image hasn’t transferred when you lift the sheet, simply lay it back down in position and rub over the design some more.
  • After it is transferred, with a clean dry hand, smooth down any bits that aren’t flatly adhered to the surface.





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Dimensions 30 × 40 cm


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